Rosh Hashanah 2019: Happy New Year 5780!

Rosh Hashanah 2019: Happy New Year 5780!

September 30 and October 1, 2019, Jews around the world celebrate Rosh Hashanah – the holiday of the beginning of the new year. By the way, once upon a time, it was customary for many nations to celebrate the New Year in Autumn, after all the basic agricultural work was completed. On this day in Heaven, as tradition teaches, the basic elements of the fate of each person for the next year are determined: life, health, family and material well-being. Each other is greeted with a wish to be inscribed in the divine Book of Life. During the festive meal, it is customary to dip bread, over which the blessing was pronounced, in honey. Also, for the coming year to be “sweet” in all senses, the custom has been established to eat apples with honey.

Kuhmistr restaurant always remembers and celebrates Jewish contribution to Belarusian cuisine. We wish a happy and prosperous New Year to all Jews and sympathizers! These days we offer a 10% discount on our specialties from apples and honey:

– Salad “Honey-Orange”

– «Pan Tadeusz» salad with honey & mustard dressing

– Dumplings with cherries, sour cream and honey

– Apple kvass

With this symbolic gesture, we want to support the historical cultural diversity of our country, friendship and cooperation between all its traditional communities. Shana tova u-metuka! Have a nice and sweet New Year!