Now Kuhmistr serves breakfasts too!

Now Kuhmistr serves breakfasts too!

Meeting the many wishes of our loyal friends – regular customers, now we serve breakfasts. Real Belarusian! That means, – lavish, nutritious and tasty. Initially, on Sundays only, starting from January 19, 2020. You can soak in bed a little longer, and when you wake up – immediately run to us! 🙂 No need to stand at the stove, we already took care of everything. We want to provide families with the opportunity to have a good rest after a hard week, to stay together. The size of our servings will pleasantly surprise you. And the choice of options is wide enough for all categories of guests. Including lovers of healthy food, and the youngest ones.

And after breakfast – why don’t try a walk through the picturesque center of Minsk? To the direction of the Upper Town, or down to Svisloch river and Gorky Park. Or, perhaps, shopping. Or a trip to a museum, for example, to our good friend Mini Belarus. Well, our first menu is this:

Benedict eggs with streaks of crispy Bacon

Benedict eggs with light-salted salmon

Pancakes with sour cream and chocolate sauce

“Lazy” cottage cheese dumplings with sour cream and berry jam

“European breakfast”: hearty omelet with pepper, tomatoes, cheese, and strips of fried bacon, stewed beans, toast bread, butter, pickled cucumber (actually it is pictured at the photo)

And, finally, the most solid, flagship “Belarusian Breakfast”. Draniki – grated potato pancakes, sour cream, fried eggs, homemade sausage, pickled vegetables. And we do not mind at all if you divide it between two persons 🙂 Or even three.

Over time, we will improve this menu, and will add more options to it. We will consider various special dietary needs, as well as a seasonal factor. But we are sure that already now there are many who want to try the Belarusian and Slavonic Lithuanian cuisine of the Kuhmistr restaurant in the morning. Bon appétit!