Belarusian and Slavic Lithuanian cuisines in Kuhmistr restaurant

Belarusian and Slavic Lithuanian cuisines in Kuhmistr restaurant

Belarusian and… what?

Kuhmistr call ourselves a restaurant of Belarusian and Slavic Lithuanian cuisines. “Belarusian” is usually referred to traditional peasant cuisine. Mostly that of Eastern Belarus, with a predominance of potato, pork, mushrooms. Slavic Lithuanian is the cuisine of the gentry, townsfolk, clergy of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It is typical rather for the north-west of Belarus. For the once-glorious area between the two ancient capitals – Vilnius and Novogrudok. However, there is no sharp border between these two cuisines. They were always influencing each other. For example, the age-old Orthodox Christmas dish – Kutia – became a cult dish for Catholics of Lithuania and Belarus, too. While Lithuanian gentry’s wereszczaka, kumpiak, kindziuk became a part of the traditional Orthodox Belarusian menu. This mutual penetration continues to this day. It may be even said that “Kuhmistr” restaurant is located in its very center.

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Remembering about the regional diversity and ethnic minorities

We strive to be open to all culinary traditions of the Grand Duchy. Not excluding notable minorities who left a bright trace in our history. This means, Tartar and especially Jewish cuisine of Belarus. Here you can try traditional Tartar lamb kalduny. Or famous syrnik – curd dessert, brought by local Jews to America to become known as “cheesecake”. And, of course, Wereszczaka – thick meat gravy with slices of homemade sausages and pancakes. And “Vantrabyanka” – delicious sausage from beef liver and buckwheat. Borsht, in its present from, came to Belarus from the Ukraine – and we are proud to offer its classic version.

You are welcome to drink Belarusian / Lithuanian gentry kvass – both of bread and of apple. And sharp peasant aperitif – khrenovukha and other our home-made liquors, especially as a tasting set. Or explore, symbolically, the geography of Belarus. By tasting Ruzhany-style beef medallions dedicated to princely Sapieha family, Slutsk-style spicy pancake rolls and Vileyka-style kalduny.

Bon Appétit!

And, of course, we serve many other Belarusian and Lithuanian celebrated delicacies. We also carefully designed the music and visual atmosphere to match our menu. So that you not just have a good food here, but also get some impression of the history and culture of our country. Which has been located at the junction of two civilizations, for centuries. And still remains a hospitable home for many religions and cultures.

So, being “armed” with a knife and fork, please go on an exciting journey through time and space. A journey around Belarus and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. From the gentry manor to the peasant hut, from the Tatar camp yurt to the Jewish tavern. Our friendly and discreet staff will be happy to be your guides.

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